Today – Thursday 15 October – sees the publication of ‘As I See It’ (see illustration), a book containing a selection of fifty of the blogs published on this site since April 2017. In March this year, at the beginning of the UK Coronavirus lockdown, the process of collecting began. All of the blogs published at that time – around eighty – were read and those best suited to appear in a book were selected. The book is divided into eight sections each introduced by a Merrily Harpur illustration. 

This is the second collection of my blogs. The first – ‘In the Fullness of Time’ – which has a similar format, was published in March 2017. 

If you would like to read, or re-read any of the chosen fifty, or you think others might like to take a peek, ‘As I See It’ is available in book form from Amazon at £6.99 plus postage and packaging at, or in electronic form at £2.50 at

Alternatively, you can buy signed copies from my local book bookshop  – The Open Book – at £6.99 plus P&P from:

Footnote. On the weekend of 24/25 October my normal blog service will be resumed with a piece entitled ‘Women’s Voices’.

9 thoughts on “‘As I See It’ : a collection of blogs by Joe Collier

      1. Cher Joe,

        Jai reçu un message d’Amazon m’indiquant que mon livre a été envoyé. Il devrait arriver très prochainement.




  1. Yay, congratulations Joe!

    We will buy a copy, however we would quite like ‘as we see it and how it is’ a personal signed copy if possible. It will match our copy of In the Fullness of Time, purchased at your book launch back in 2017 and during Covid-19 we have been dipping in and enjoying your past words and your present ones.


  2. I look forward to read it as I am sure I must have missed some and most of them bring a smile to my face. So thank you and congratulation. Love


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